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Your Records. Your Health. 

A MyKSHealth eRecords personal health record (PHR) is a smart way to manage your medical information in one online location. This PHR will allow you to access your records any time you need them - everything from medications and allergies to previous illnesses and injuries. You can even access a certified copy of your Kansas immunization records.

Securely email questions to your health care provider
Update and share medical information
Monitor health and wellness
Recieve coupons and prescription discounts

MyKSHealth eRecords Makes it Safe and Easy to:

  • Review a clinical summary of your last doctor's visit or hospital stay

  • Keep track of your medications and dosages to avoid harmful drug interactions

  • More closely manage chronic conditions

  • Send information to your doctors or other health care providers

  • Access a certified copy of your Kansas immunization record

  • Share your child's immunizations and allergies with schools, sports organizations and camps

  • Share medical information with people you trust, including family members or caregivers

  • Access your health records when you are traveling or changing doctors

Take Charge of Your Health



Call Toll Free

By Registering through this unique single authentication process, you will be able to conveniently access health records from all your participating providers.
When you call 844.4MYHLTH, the follwing identity verification and payment process will take place to create your MyKSHealth eRecords personal health record access.
  1. Verify your name, date of birth, gender and that you have a credit card in your name for payment of the $2.00 fee.

  2. Successfully verify your identity through a series of health related questions that are verified against recent health care encounters in your record.

  3. Pay the $2.00 processing fee with a credit card in your name.

  4. Provide your zip code, phone number and email address to create your MyKSHealth eRecords account.

  5. Use the Portal ID provided by the operator, retrieve your verification email and then set up your password and access your MyKSHealth eRecords account.

Call 844.4MYHLTH to get started!

Organized. Secure. Convenient.


You can update, organize and access your MyKSHealth eRecords using a computer, tablet or smartphone. What's more, you can securely share your medical information with health care providers you trust. Doing so gives your doctors an accurate and complete picture of your health. 


Instead of sitting in a doctors office, struggling to recall your medications or test results, let MyKSHealth eRecords serve as your medical memory. You will feel empowered to take charge of your health when you have secure, convenient access to your medical information in an organized fashion through MyKSHealth eRecords.


With MyKSHealth eRecords, you can create an emergency wallet card and access code that, if activated, gives physicians or emergency responders read-only access to your critical health information.



Call Toll Free

*Subscribers have access to health records made available by providers who participate in the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN).

Please click here to view a list of participating hospitals and clinics.

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