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Your Records. Your Health.

A myKSHealtheRecords personal health record (PHR) is a smart way to manage your medical information in one online location. This PHR will allow you to access your records any time you need them - everything from medications and allergies to previous illnesses and injuries.

You can update, organize and access your myKSHealtheRecords using a computer, tablet or smartphone. What's more, you can securely share your medical information with healthcare providers you trust. Doing so gives your doctor an accurate and complete picture of your health.

Instead of sitting in a doctor's office, struggling to recall your medications or test results, let myKSHealtheRecords serve as your medical memory. You will feel empowered to take charge of your health when you have secure, convenient access to your medical information in an organized fashion through myKSHealtheRecords.

With myKSHealtheRecords, you can even create an emergency wallet card and access code that, if activated, gives physicians or emergency responders read-only access to your critical health information.


  • ​Review a Clinical sumary of your doctor visits  or hospital stays.
  • Keep track of your medications and dosages to avoid harmful drug interactions.
  • Easily access your healthcare providers' name and contact information.
  • Avoid delays caused by gathering paper records, awaiting faxes or mail.


  • Utilize Healthwise to educate yourself and stay informed about health conditions and prescriptions.
  • Access your health records when you are traveling or changing doctors.
  • ​More closely manage chronic conditions.


  • Send information to your doctors or other healthcare providers.
  • Securely communicate with your providers via DIRECT messaging.
  • Share medical information with people you trust, including family members or caregivers.
  • Add your own patient generated health data to your health record, such as blood pressure or glucose readings, and share the information with members of your healthcare team.


  • Successful completion of multi-factor identity verification is required to set up a portal account and gain access to your medical records as provided by participating providers into the HIE.
  • You are responsible for keeping your portal password confidential and for the security of any computer you use to access the service.
  • Only the healthcare professionals with whom you have a treatment relationship with are authorized to access to your health records in the HIE.
  • The system tracks the healthcare providers who view your medical records. The act of accessing the data in the health information exchange is regularly audited.

Your Records. Your Health.

When it comes to your healthcare data and allowing providers to securely access your information to improve your health outcomes, you are in the driver’s seat. Participating physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare-related entities, who all play a part in caring for you, share your current health information through a secure, electronic health information network. Your participating healthcare providers have access to your full patient record to include diagnosis, treatment, lab results, medications, etc., in an effort to deliver you the most efficient and thorough services possible.

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